April 23rd: An Inquiry Into the Nature of Work
March 30th: Free Math Distance Learning Problems and Project Templates
March 24th: Experiments in ‘Blended’ Learning Due to Coronavirus – Week One
March 11th: Data and the Coronavirus
March 5th: Recognizing Bias in Data
February 20th: Economic Data Analysis, Part II
February 13th: Yes it will be ‘on the fly,’ but let’s talk Current Events
February 5th: Having Some Fun with Online Loan Calculators
January 30th: Amortization and Social Justice
January 23rd: Introduction to Mathematical Literacy
January 15th: An Unusual Math Lesson on Practice

December 19th: A Maths Problem on Asking Questions and Using Resources
December 16th: Idea: Mathematical Habits Checklist
December 12th: ‘Having the Language to Talk About It’: An Anecdote
December 5th: The Web: A Small Deviation
December 2nd: Mathematics and Why, Part II: How to Teach Trigonometry for Understanding
November 25th: Idea: The Welcome Letter
November 21st: Mathematics and ‘Why?’
November 18th: The Web: A Large Deviation
November 14th: ‘Why?’ and The Web of Content
October 17th: Tools of Transfer: Conferences
September 26th: Dance Between the BS
August 1st: Sweat the Small Stuff. Here’s Why.
July 25th: The Intelligence Heuristic – Attention
June 28th: The Intelligence Heuristic – Reasoning
June 6th: The Intelligence Heuristic – Memory
May 23rd: Review: Yondr Bags as an Educational Tool
May 16th: People>Technology?
May 9th: Lesson Plan: Slowing Down
March 17th: Tools of Transfer: Rubrics
February 21st: What do I teach, again?
February 20th: The Ultimate Cause of Great Education

December 6th: Trip Manual – Day One
November 29th: The Duality of the Educative Experience
November 15th: The Customer Servicing World
November 8th: The Training Plan
November 1st: An Undefeatable Spirit
October 18th: Mentorship
June 2nd: The Myth of Democracy, Part II
May 18th: The Degeneration Effect
May 3rd: The Myth of Democracy
April 12th: Tools of Transfer: Quality
April 10th: Gondola Story, an anecdote
March 8th: Tenacity in Pursuit
February 15th: Speak Truth to Bullshit; Be Civil
February 5th: The Three Adults
January 18th: On Compassion and Nuance

December 22nd: Training Wheels & Risk
December 14th: Training Wheels, Part II
December 7th: Training Wheels
November 30th: Best Practices: Cropdusting
October 19th: Just Start!
October 12th: Observation Revisited
October 5th: Trip Binder – Going Solo
September 21st: On Observation
September 14th: Hoping for RAIN!
September 1st: Lessons from Harvey – What Kind of Public is Created?
August 24th: On Creativity – Train the Imagination
August 17th: Perspective
August 11th: Where the Magic Happens
August 3rd: Trip Manual, Pt. 1 – Perspective Expansion
July 27th: Languaging
July 13th: On Compassion
July 6th: The Education Grind
June 29th: The Dopamine Sabotoge
June 22nd: The Difference Between Pleasure and Enjoyment
June 15th: The Mindful Moment
June 8th: What If: No Grades?
June 5th: Some Old Questions and Thoughts
June 1st: The Ever-Renewing Society
May 25th: The Concern with Extrinsic Motivators
May 18th: On Equity of Thought
May 11th: The Puzzle of Creativity – Time-Sensitivity
May 4th: The Puzzle of Creativity, Pt. I
April 27th: Vena Cava – Returning to the Heart of Education