About Vena Cava

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.    -Neil Postman

In a world of unprecedented rates of change, it’s easy for an educator to get lost in the fray. To (at times) feel groundless, to lose touch with their inner motivations for teaching, and to begin to question not only which direction is up, but also how best to return to terra firma and proceed forward.

Make no mistake, despite what our culture tells us, education is one of the most important tasks on the planet. And, it’s messy. Just like with (true) mathematics or humanities, there are many ways to achieve the desired outcome, and many more that end with permanent damage to the psyche of the messages that we are sending to a time we will not see.

Vena Cava is a group of educators pausing to ask deep questions and ‘return to the heart’ of education. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month with the aim of engaging in dialogue that both includes many perspectives, takes us back to the core of our calling, and rejuvenates our spirits to inspire us to go out and do great work.

Then, we write about our questions, insights, and experiences in a format that focuses on the content of our messages – you’ll notice the conspicuous absence of ads, sidebars, and other BS on our site. We’re intentionally trying to not hijack your attention.

So join us if you’d like to engage in the dialogue. Online, or if you can, in person. Just get in touch; we have powerful work to do.