Experiments in ‘Blended’ Learning Due to Coronavirus – Week One

Well, in just a few weeks our lives have all changed dramatically. In my last post, I shared another current-events and data lesson that I gave on Wednesday before Spring Break; the lesson was about the novel Coronavirus and some of the numbers that we had on it at the time. The next day – our last before Spring Break began – I followed up with a lesson on Thomas Pueyo’s first article on the virus in Medium.

Today (our first day BACK from Spring Break), we’re actually living a lot of the things that were, at the time, just extreme-case predictions from a passionate math teacher who had been doing some data digging as the threat of the virus grew closer. As educators, many of us are shaking our heads in astounded disbelief, trying to figure out what this is going to look like with no in-person school for at least the next six weeks (and likely longer).

Well, I don’t have the answers! Sorry! But I do have the first project that I gave my students today. If you’re an educator, feel free to make a copy and adapt it for your own uses. If you are NOT an educator, but DO have some time on your hands in isolation, I think it could be really fun for you to dive into it also – I am! If you do, feel free to send it my way – I can’t promise I’ll be any good at editing your work and giving feedback, but I know I’d be interested to see your thoughts!

Here it is, along with the student answer document:

All-School COVID-19 Analysis Project

COVID-19 Analysis Student Answer Doc


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